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Face Treatments

Dr. Sergio Gaitan MD FAAD
Cosmetic Dermatologist in Miami, FL
Discusses Face Treatments

Before Face treatments in Miami
After Face treatments in Miami

What face treatments make your face glow ?

There are several face treatments in Miami that can make your face glow. The one that is the most effective and quick acting is Precision Botox. It creates a glow on the face that no other treatment can match, as well as being able to reverse wrinkles within 2 weeks. However, we understand Botox is not for everyone so we have other options.

The best way for a long term glow is actually not a procedure but using prescription grade tretinoin consistently. The problem is that not everyone can handle the prescription grade. That is why Dr. Gaitan will evaluate your skin to see what the best skin care regimen is for you to achieve a long term glow. Still, skincare takes time and consistency to work and most of us want immediate results and that is where face treatments in Miami come in to play.

Temporary glow can be achieved with facials that hydrate the skin, that is the most popular option. However, these treatments do not actually build collagen and therefore the glow is just temporary. Their great for an immediate glow at a low cost, but if cost is really the issue the most cost effective way to achieve a long term glow is through the right skin care. That is where seeing a cosmetic dermatologist like Dr. Gaitan makes all the difference.

Here at Certified Cosmetics and Skin Care we focus on collagen building facials. What we mean by that is we want to provide a short term and long term glow. The face treatments in Miami that we perform and are exclusive to our office is our Laser Microneedling Facial. You get the benefit of collagen building with microneedling as well as the tightening effect of the laser. The down time for this procedure is 24-48 hours in which your face is red.

For those busy professionals or someone with no downtime we also offer our exclusive Laser Facial at Certified Cosmetics and Skin Care. It has absolutely no downtime and helps to tighten the skin as well as build collagen. It also gives incredible results on the neck so it is not just limited to the face.

We also offer a Microneedling Facial that helps build collagen. The biggest thing to know with microneedling is the results are slow. For wrinkles it takes about 3 treatments separated about 1 month apart and you see your final results at 6 months. You do get a nice glow at 1 month so that is reassuring. Downtime for this procedure is 24-48 hours in which your face is red. It definitely is a great treatment for those with patience. The truth is most of us want our results as soon as possible. That is why patients love when we combine it with our Laser so they get the tightening effect of the Laser to give a faster result. Microneedling can also be combined with PRP injections to give faster results.

What are the best facial treatments?

At Certified Cosmetics and Skin Care we pride ourselves in offering the best anti-aging facial treatments in Miami, Fl with our Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Gaitan. There are many options for face treatments in Miami, at our office we focus on treatments that are rejuvenating for your skin. What we mean by that is we only focus on treatments that are going to make your skin younger. Our treatments offer more than just a temporary glow but true skin rejuvenation with the added glow.

What is the best facial to restore your skin?

When it comes to restoring your skin there are many options. The best face treatments depend on the severity of the skin damage. Skin that is more damaged requires more aggressive treatments, or more sessions with less aggressive treatments. Facial treatments can also vary on the amount of downtime the patient is willing to accept. The general rule is that the more downtime, the faster and the less treatments needed to see a result. Now procedures are just one way to restore your skin. They should be combined with a skin care regimen to get the best results. That is why it is important to have a dermatologist like Dr. Gaitan assess your skin and come up with a plan for your skin rejuvenation. For an individualized plan on face treatments in Miami come visit us at Certified Cosmetics and Skin Care.

What is the best anti aging facial treatment ?

The best anti aging facial treatment depends on what down time you are willing to accept. Overall, the gold standard for true skin rejuvenation are the phenol peel and the CO2 laser. However, they require significant downtime, risks, and in darker skin tones can lead to significant hyperpigmentation which is why we don’t offer them at our office at this time.

We do our face treatments in Miami, Fl so we know it is a busy city. That is why we focus our treatments on those with minimal down time. The face treatment that has been giving us the best results is our Laser Microneedling Facial available exclusively at Certified Cosmetics and Skin Care. It helps to tighten the skin as well as build collagen and give your skin a rejuvenated look and glow. We also offer an exclusive Laser Facial for those patients who do not want to have any down time at all. This gives a nice tightening of the skin, glow, and improved skin texture.

Lastly, we wanted to mention the anti-aging effect of removing age spots. Dr. Gaitan is a Board Certified Dermatologist so you know your getting his experience when it comes to removing age spots. Depending on the type of age spot there are different ways to remove it. For flat pigmented spots we offer our Laser Destruction. For elevated lesions, depending on your skin type Dr. Gaitan will choose the best treatment for Age Spot Removal to minimize the risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation. Downtime for these procedures on the face is usually about 1 week.

We hope this has been an informative post on the face treatments in Miami and other skin care tips. 


So go ahead and book your appointment now to get you glowing skin. There is no time like the present to treat aging skin.  Our office is located in the West Kendall area of Miami, Fl.  Being Miami Natives we are proud to serve the areas near Kendall, Fl, near Coral Gables, Fl, near South Miami, Fl, near Pinecrest, Fl, near Palmetto Bay, Fl ,near Brickell, Fl, near Coconut Grove, Fl, near Doral, Fl.

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