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General Dermatology

Dr. Sergio Gaitan MD is a Board Certified Dermatologist. He offers a range of services to help you maintain your skin health. He specializes in treating acne, melasma, rosacea, hair loss, wart removal, and conducting skin checks to ensure any potential issues are identified and treated quickly. As a cosmetic dermatologist he takes particular care on all his destructions and biopsies to give you the best aesthetic outcome.

We accept Cash, All Major Credit Cards, Apple Pay,Google Pay, CareCredit, and Health Savings Accounts


New Patient: $ 150

Established Patient: $ 100


Destruction of wart, molluscum,

or pre-cancerous skin lesion:


First lesion : $ 100

After first : $ 10 per lesion

Biopsy* :

Shave Biopsy: $ 150

Additional Shave Biopsy: $ 50 (per biopsy)

Punch Biopsy with suture: $ 300

Additional Punch Biopsy: $ 100 ( per biopsy)

Punch Removal with suture (up to 8mm): $ 500

Pathology fee (no insurance):  $ 100 (per biopsy)**


*most lesions can be removed with a shave biopsy. Punch biopsies are used mainly for skin rashes, hair loss, and moles with a deeper component. A suture is placed for punch biopsies and the patient is required to return for suture removal which is included in the price.


** If patient has insurance pathology can be sent to lab with their insurance information. At this point patient and their insurance will be responsible for lab fee

Intralesional Injection :

First lesion $ 150

After first: $ 50 (per lesion)

Incision and Drainage :

$350 per lesion

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