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Lip Filler Miami

Dr. Sergio Gaitan MD FAAD
Cosmetic Dermatologist in Miami, FL
Discusses Lip Filler Injections 

Lip Filler Miami
Lip Filler Miami
Lip Filler Miami

What is Lip Filler? 

Lip Filler is a substance that is injected into the lip to enhance its appearance. The most commonly used filler and the one Dr. Gaitan uses is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid has the advantage that it draws in water to help hydrate the lip and also that it is reversible. For a natural lip filler in Miami come visit us at Certified Cosmetics and Skin Care in the West Kendall area.

What are the Benefits of Lip Filler?

The benefits of Lip filler are that lip injections can help enhance the shape of your lip. Lip injections can also help hydrate the lip and replace volume loss that can happen with aging. Dr. Gaitan always delivers a natural lip that respects your anatomy. Lip Filler in Miami is truly an art and Dr. Gaitan loves to deliver the perfect pout.

What are the risk with Lip Filler?

Risk with lip filler can be separated into short term and long term risk.


The short term risk of lip injections have to do with the procedure itself.  The first is there is some pain with lip injections. We use a special numbing cream to help alleviate that pain. There will be bruising and swelling that can last up to 2 weeks. There is also the risk of activating a cold sore, so it is important to get preventative treatment with the procedure. Any time filler is injected there is always the risk of vascular occlusion that can lead to damage and scarring of the lips if not treated appropriately. That is why it is important to go to a clinic that has the materials needed to handle such complications. Dr. Gaitan uses certain techniques to minimize the risk, but they are never zero.

When it comes to long term risk with lip injections patients can have migration of the lip filler that can lead to a puffy area around the lip if not placed properly. This can be treated by dissolving the migrated filler. Patients can also have stretching of the lip which then starts to sag whenever they do not have filler. That is why it is important to never stretch the lip past its normal boundaries. To have lip filler in Miami with an experienced professional come visit Certified Cosmetics and Skin Care. 

What should I do Before Lip Filler?

Before your lip filler in Miami it is important to avoid any blood thinning medications that are not medically needed. Also avoid alcohol 24 hours before injections. Let Dr. Gaitan know if you have a history of cold sores, in which case he will prescribe a medication for you.

What should I do After Lip Filler?

After your lip filler in Miami you will have some swelling and bruising.  We recommend applying an ice pack to the lips in the first 48 hours. Avoid Aggressive touching of your lips for 2 weeks. Do not use straws for 2 weeks.

Avoid alcohol and smoking for at least 48 hours and drink lots of water. Avoid hot environments like saunas, steam baths, or heated exercises for 48 hours.

How long does lip filler last?

Lip Filler typically last about 1 year depending on the product that is used. However, the full effect may be less noticeable at around 6 months.

What is designer lip?

Designer lip is Dr. Gaitan’s special way of doing lip filler in Miami. He uses his unique technique to deliver a natural looking lip that respects your natural anatomy. The goal is to give you beautiful lips that never look done or stretched which can lead to sagging.

What does lip filler in Miami, Fl cost?

For your lip filler in Miami, Fl we are located in West Kendall, and are happy to give you the lips you have always wanted.  The cost of our lip filler is available on our pricing page.

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