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Skin Tightening Miami

Dr. Sergio Gaitan MD FAAD
Cosmetic Dermatologist in Miami, FL
Discusses Skin Tightening with our exclusive LaserLift treatment

What is Skin Tightening?

Over time our skin starts to lose collagen and elastin. This leads to sagging of the skin. This is one of the main causes of facial aging. Previously we would fill the tissue underneath the skin to disguise the laxity. The true solution is to lift the tissue back up. If mild it can be done with our LaserLift treatment, if moderate it can be done with Dermal Fillers, if more severe than surgery is the best option. So if you are looking to reverse the aging process by lifting the skin back up with Skin Tightening in Miami come try our exclusive LaserLift with Microneedling Facial. It is truly the best way to tighten skin with minimal to no pain.

Skin tightening Miami with Laser Microneedling Facial Before and After

What options are there for Skin Tightening in Miami?

There are many options for skin tightening. In my experience creams for skin tightening don't work. They are important to maintain your skin. The best cream to build collagen is a prescription retinoid if your skin can tolerate it. However, If you want to reverse damage faster that is where procedures come into place. There are many skin tightening options in Miami available such as Radiofrequency Microneedling ( eg Morpheus8), Sofwave, Ultherapy, and our LaserLift with Microneedling Facial which is exclusive to our office. LaserLift can also be done without Microneedling in which there will be no down time. A great procedure for the busy professional or someone who does not want anyone to know they have cosmetic treatments. 

skin tightening miami before and after laser microneedling facial

What is a LaserLift with Microneedling?

Our LaserLift with Microneedling Facial was designed by Dr. Gaitan to deliver skin tightening in Miami without so much pain compared to other procedures. With our exclusive LaserLift Microneedling Facial you get both the benefits of Microneedling and Laser. By separating the energy from the needles, you are able to get a less painful treatment. We use a special type of laser energy that is safe in all skin types. By using laser energy you will experience results faster, as soon as 1 month after your first treatment.  If you don’t want any downtime, we also offer our LaserLift which takes out the Microneedling portion and has no down time. It helps skin tightening by helping build collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. The LaserLift Microneedling Facial requires only topical numbing and is a completely comfortable experience for skin tightening in Miami. 

skin tightening miami before and after laser microneedling facial

How does Laser Microneedling Compare to Microneedling with Radiofrequency skin tightening in Miami?

Our LaserLift Microneedling Facial uses Laser energy for skin tightening in Miami.  Other Radiofrequency Microneedling devices like Morpheus 8 use radiofrequency. Radiofrequency is a great technology but requires multiple sessions to see a result. In my previous experience with radiofrequency, it requires at least 3 sessions to see an appreciable result. With laser energy results can be seen after the first treatment. Multiple treatments are still required for more severe laxity. In addition, radiofrequency energy when coupled with Microneedling can get deep enough and hot enough to melt facial fat. Which will cause increased sagging and volume loss. With our special laser energy, it generates minimal heat and concentrates at the deep dermis above the facial fat for optimal skin tightening in Miami.

Skin Tightening Miami Before and After with Laser Microneedling Facial

How does Laser Microneedling Compare to Ultrasound skin tightening in Miami?

Ultrasound skin (HIFU) tightening has also been used. I have not had any experience performing ultrasound so I cannot do a direct comparison. However, based on what other patients and providers have told me the procedure can be rather painful. There are also reports that ultrasound energy can melt fat as well as cause nerve damage. In addition I have yet to see a result that compares to our Laserlift Microneedling facial. With our Laserlift Microneedling facial your skin is getting targeted at two levels giving incredible skin tightening results in Miami. Another Benefit of our LaserLift Microneedling Facial over ultrasound is that our Laser helps with skin hydration and also gives the skin of your face and neck a more even tone. Ultrasound just does not work at that level. 

PRP that can be used for Skin Tightening Miami

Can you do Laser Microneedling with PRP ?

Yes, topical PRP can be added to any LaserLift Microneedling session.  PRP is plasma that is full of growth factors. We obtain the plasma from a simple blood draw. By adding it to the Laserlift Microneedling facial you get faster healing and more improved skin texture with the benefit of skin tightening in Miami.

What is the cost of the Laser Microneedling Facial for Skin tightening in Miami?

The cost of our LaserLift Microneedling facial for skin tightening can be found on our pricing page.

Where can I get Laser Microneedling for Skin tightening in Miami?

Our Exclusive Laserlift with Microneedling Facial is only available at Certified Cosmetics and Skin Care in the West Kendall area of Miami,Fl.

Our Skin Tightening in Miami is located in the West Kendall area and we serve the areas near Kendall, Coral Gables, South Miami, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Brickell, Midtown Miami, Coconut Grove, Doral, Edgewater, Homestead, Hialeah, Westchester,  Sweetwater, The Crossings, Three Lakes, Country Walk, University Park, Tamiami, Olympia Heights, Fountainebleau, Glenver Heights, Sunset, Kendale Lakes, Westwood Lakes,The Hammocks and Miami Beach.

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