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Precision Botox

Dr. Sergio Gaitan MD FAAD
Cosmetic Dermatologist in Miami, Fl discusses his unique technique of Botox Injections 

Botox Before and After Miami 4 sessions
Male Botox Before and After Miami 2 sessions

What is Precision Botox ?

Precision Botox is the use of the neuromodulator Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) to create long term youthful changes in the skin while maintaining natural expression and static tone of the facial muscles.


This is achieved with Dr. Sergio Gaitan's

special attention to placement and dosing of Botox Cosmetic. 

 It can erase fine lines and wrinkles and improve deeper ones while maintaining balanced brows.  Doctor Gaitan's clinic for Botox Cosmetic injections is located in the West Kendall area of Miami, Fl . Being a native of Miami he is proud to provide Botox injections to the areas near Kendall, Fl, near Coral Gables, Fl, near South Miami, Fl, near Pinecrest, Fl, near Brickell, Fl and anyone around the world who wants to experience his magic with Botox injections.


Look at our Botox Before and After



How long does Precision Botox last ?

The effect of Botox injections on the muscles last 3-4 months. 

However, the changes in the skin last longer after Botox injections.

This is achieved by training the muscles with Botox injections to put less stress on the skin.

This allows the skin to heal itself while the effect of the Botox injections is in place. 

Will I look like myself after Precision Botox ?

Yes, but your skin will look refreshed and have a glow after Botox injections.  Dr. Sergio Gaitan pays attention to every detail to make sure that you get all natural results with balanced brows after his Botox injections.

He also makes sure with repeated Botox Injection treatments that your forehead does not elongate. As well as to make sure the aesthetic curvature of your brows are maintained after Botox Injections. Come experience the Best Botox in Miami.

Precision Botox After Care 

  1. Avoid strenuous activity for at least 24 hours after Botox Injections

  2. Don’t put pressure on the affected area for 24 hours after Botox Injections

  3. Don't lay flat for 4 hours after Botox Injections

  4. Avoid alcohol for 48 hours after Botox Injections

What is the cost of Precision Botox?

At Certified Cosmetics and Skin Care, located in the West Kendall area of Miami, FL, our prices for Botox Injections are available on our cost of Botox page.

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